Tecnology and equipment for soldering printed circuit boards
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Vacuum-operated pick-up tool "S.M.D.-Trassa-4301"

Vacuum-operated pick-up tool "S.M.D.-Trassa-4301" facilitates safe SMD components handling and installation.

Stencil printer "S.M.D.-Trassa-4302"

Stencil printer "S.M.D.-Trassa-4302" is developed to ease the application of solder cream, adhesive and other media onto substrates like SMT curcuit boards.

PCB rack "S.M.D.-Trassa-4305"

PCB rack is a storage and transport solution for PCB's. Rack is made of steel, different colors are available for convenient storing of diferent types of PBSs.

Component tray "S.M.D.-Trassa-43055"

Tray that can store up to 25 different types of components.

Movable arm rest "S.M.D.-Trassa-4307"

A movable plate plate slides above the PCB's and when placing components in the required position, the plate can be used as an armrest and guide for the hand.

Equipment for dismantling microchips "S.M.D.-Trassa-4308"

Equipment, tools and technology for dismantling surface-mounted microchips like SOIC, PLCC, TQFP ect.

IR Redflow system "S.M.D.-Trassa-5610"

Designed for soldering surface-mounted printed circuit assemblies. It has 5 heating zones, pre-heating zones have two-sided heating, bottom one can be easily turned off.